Improve acoustics at the office? Our practical examples

Regardless of how much the interior of an office captures the imagination, without a well-considered acoustic design, office users will hardly be able to enjoy it. Fortunately, there’s a plenty of efficient solutions for improving office acoustics that also add visual appeal.

1. Everything starts with the design

Large spaces do not necessarily come with inferior acoustics. For example, take a look at the total finishing of the offices of Huawei Belgium in Brussels. They wanted at any price to swap their smaller workspaces for a flexible floor plan where networking is key. A strong mix of spacious workstations, separate consultation rooms and a cozy chat lobby.

2. Dare to think inside the box as well

Also prominently featured in Huawei’s offices: acoustically optimized work areas or office pods. In this case, an enclosed space with glass walls and warmly dressed with curtains and designer lighting.

But stand-alone and/or open office pods can also help reduce the noise on the work floor. Especially when many meetings or presentations take place every day. Regardless of the size or layout of your office environment, as an experienced office interior builder we will help you find a customized solution.

3. Well-considered floor and wall coverings

It is commonly known that fabrics are great sound absorbers and that they reduce reverberation. By adding stylish rugs, wood-paneled office walls, curtains, or even green walls to your interior, you tackle acoustics efficiently and add a warm and personal touch to your office interior.

Add fabric seats scattered throughout the office or integrate seats with extra-high backs that form a quiet seating area quasi on their own.

4. Multifunctional furniture

Furniture can also play an important role in the acoustics of the office interior. For example, add fabric seats throughout the office or integrate seats with extra-high backs that form a quiet seating area on their own.

5. Acoustic panels and screens

A final way to acoustically improve your office is by installing specially designed acoustic structures. These include acoustic wall or ceiling panels, ceiling islands – with or without built-in lighting – desktop panels or acoustic screens. Glass walls and railings also contribute significantly to the acoustics of your office.

Improving office acoustics: in tune with your architect

Thinking about tackling the acoustics in your current office soon? Or are you going to rebuild or completely redesign your office interior and want the acoustics to be perfect once and for all? Our interior Enthusiasts are experienced in the realization of unique furniture, as well as complete interior designs and even total finishing of shell constructions.

Thanks to this experience, we are a reliable and pioneering partner for both you as a client and your (interior) architect. Interested in a possible collaboration? Contact us for an commitment-free talk. Still looking for extra inspiration? Take a look among our different office realizationsProjects.

Project in the pipeline?

Do you have an interesting project in the pipeline? Our interior enthusiasts are happy to unleash their creativity! Tell us your story or request a quotation below.

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