Langendries & Nivelle: “You can’t hand complex interior design projects to just anyone.”

Interior designers Langendries & Nivelle and Vandebroek Interieur: two companies that have been sharing their passion for interior twenty years now. What makes or breaks a project? How do you create in the right atmosphere? And which details make the difference?

"We are not perfect"

“For most interior designers, good pricing and planning agreements are the most important foundation for a strong collaboration,” says Jo Langendries, co-founder of interior design firm Langendries & Nivelle in Zonhoven.

“But at least as important for us is that the carpenter engages in the creative process. That is already somewhat less obvious. We are not perfect. A partner who actively thinks along about how to help create the intended atmosphere brings us the most added value.”

"Technical drawings reveal craftsmanship"

“That added value starts with the detailed technical drawings that the project supervisors make in advance based on our design sketches. Today this way of working may have become more widely accepted, but from our first collaborations I remember that Vandebroek was a real pioneer in this area.”

“It already gives us a lot more peace of mind in our job as interior designers. Projects with a high degree of detail cannot be given to just anyone. Those details must already be visible in the technical drawings beforehand. If only to rule out any dead-end discussions afterwards.”

“Never the easy way out”

“During these detailed discussions, it quickly becomes clear what kind of team you are working with and which aspects the carpenter is paying attention to. Is he using high quality veneers? Is the lacquer work perfectly varnished or oiled? Do the hinges match the concept of the finish? Are the corners of the lacquer work not too brightly rounded? Does he pay enough attention to the finish of the glue edges or masking tapes?”

“With Vandebroek, we quickly realized that those details were absolutely right. And that they never traded more complex challenges for compromises, for the easy way out. For example, we know for sure that we will never get a call from them to say that they did something differently without informing us. This is something you unfortunately still often encounter as an interior designer.”

The three-member team behind Langendries & Nivelle. Fltr: Jo Langendries, Lies Nivelle and Carlo Swers.

"Final check in the workshop"

“Once the furniture is finished, we can always visit the workshop to check the final details and if there are any final adjustments to do. Only after final approval does the furniture go on to the paint shop and, subsequently, to the customer.”

"Renders became reality"

“The last project we worked with Vandebroek on was the total interior design of a newly built rooftop apartment in Zonhoven. The customer, who was already familiar to both of us, had a very clean and minimalist atmosphere in mind in terms of furnishing. White and black with hardly any frills.”

“The challenge here was that we worked almost without any fixed furniture. Just large blocks of custom carpentry, with numerous air conditioning pipes and home automation wiring that had to be camouflaged.”

“Together with Vandebroek, we created the desired atmosphere around this complicated organizational and functional base. As mentioned, without any compromises. Feel free to put the renders of this project alongside photos of the finished apartment. You will hardly notice any differences,” concludes Jo Langendries.

Meet our Interior Enthusiasts

The fact that we never go for the easy solution in our projects has actually become our trademark. How can we prove it best? By showing our approach firsthand.

Check out our projects or make an appointment to visit our studio. Just like the interior designers from Langendries & Nivelle, you are welcome to come and take a look. Email us at for an appointment.

"The last project we worked with Vandebroek on was the total furnishing of a new-build rooftop apartment in Zonhoven. Feel free to put the renders of this project alongside the photos of the finished apartment. You will hardly notice any differences."

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