Villa Genk: luxury interior with a wink to the old mining history

In this project, harmony was key. Harmony between a young couple who knew perfectly how their villa, a family gem from the Genk mining period, should look after the renovation; and our Interior Enthousiasts, who were decided to create a luxurious interior with a modern and unique feel to it. The powerful character of the original house, however, needed to be respected by all means.

Creative collaboration

For the interior design of this fourth-generation family home, we collaborated with Buro B, the builder’s architect. The challenge was to create a modern, luxurious interior perfectly balanced with the charming 1950s structural elements.

Together with Buro B, we elaborated a final design with a unique style and three recurring accents in the carpentry:

  • Dark walnut veneer (Aranya Walnut)
  • Green marble (including the kitchen countertop fronts and tabletop)
  • Brass accents (handles, taps,…)

The biggest challenge for our Interior Enthousiasts? Integrating the various pieces of furniture smoothly into the new interior. To make sure that the design was fully in line with the client’s wishes, we drew all rooms separately in 3D, including furniture and lighting.

Luxurious interior with a retro aspect

Although the new interior looks plain and modern, the dark wood tones and dark green marble colours add warmth and authenticity to it. Especially since they are combined with some traditional elements, such as the original front door and staircase, which the builder wanted to keep at all costs.

Fluent lining

At the client’s and their architect’s request, we matched our furniture perfectly to the new interior. The staircase was also given a walnut finish and extends seamlessly over a stylish plinth into a distinctive bookcase in the adjoining relaxation corner.

The kitchen wall also extends into the living room. And the floor, it simply follows. The travertine-look tiles blend into the walnut veneer parquet floor via a subtle brass border. In this way, we built the entire interior into a harmonious interplay of lines. Thanks to the three previously mentioned, recognisable materials that reoccur throughout the house, without being overly present.

From the lounge corner to the very smallest room …

In this unique project, the challenge was to create the same atmosphere in every room. Thanks to the detailed instructions from the client and their architect, and the excellent work of our Interior Enthousiasts, we succeeded brilliantly. Whether in the kitchen, the lounge area, the living room, the bathroom or the washroom, our carpentry fits perfectly into the overall concept.

What are you looking for in luxury interior?

A luxurious interior doesn’t come in one specific shape. We like to think along with you about the materials to be used, the arrangement of your spaces and the atmosphere you want to create in your house or building. Whether you are looking for Individual pieces of furniture, a complete interior or the total finishing of a structural building, we create exactly what you are looking for.

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