Penthouse C: cosmopolitan appeal and age-old charm

The project: a tight deadline, an equally tight budget and a builder who knows exactly what he’s looking for. The result: a spectacular achievement rewarded with a silver medal at the 2019 Carpentry Awards. 

Carte blanche for the architect

Penthouse C provides an astonishing view over Antwerp-South. But the interior plans by architect Vincent Van Duysen also got us perplexed. The designer was given complete carte blanche by the client. This resulted in an exclusive and challenging interior concept.

Acoustics are key

Once the screeding work was completed, our Interior Enthousiasts immediately got to work with the installation of plasterboard walls. To offer high acoustic insulation, we made sure the walls did not touch the floor directly so that they could not transmit any sound vibrations.

The ceiling as an orchestra master

Even more than in other projects, the focus was on tailoring and measuring, with the concrete ceiling as a central starting point. The outlines of the ceiling, for instance, had to flow perfectly into those of the wooden wall and cupboard panels.

The furniture, cover plates and all other visual elements also completely adhered to this interplay of lines. In other words, the structure of the ceiling determined the dimensions of the majority of the interior in this project.

Wood from French Châteaus

For the wooden finish, the client and architect opted for old, recycled oak planks. This project was no artificial story, but one consisting of authentic influences with a real soul. Just the way we like it! After comparing different samples, we got to work with demolition wood from an old castle in the south of France.

"My very first job was a penthouse in the heart of Antwerp. it had ceilings, doors and a kitchen made of massive old planks that we had to sand down to barely a few mm thick. The level of detail was very high."

Self-designed hinges

To extend the visual idea throughout this project, the hinges of the ceiling-high cabinets needed to be invisible, even along the sides. Since the wood was only a few millimetres removed from the floor and ceiling, the client also had to be able to adjust the hinges himself.

To meet this requirement, we designed our very own hinge. A tailor-made solution that brought the final result to new heights.

Now you see it...

The rest of the walls, including the bathroom walls, were given a clean concrete look thanks to the mortex finish. To interrupt the walls as little as possible, we concealed the mirrors and the controls of the alarm system in the wall.

Holy deadline

Throughout the project phase, our Interior Enthousiast mainly made direct appointments with the architect. The builder himself visited the project regularly during site meetings. The deadline would never be touched. It was fixed from the start and needed to be respected. Just like the agreed budget.

Can you challenge us even more?

We admit, this project made us sweat. But that means we were also able to integrate the typical Vandebroek vibe into it. We are therefore extra proud of the final result!

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Project in the pipeline?

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